International 'Predators' trailer will rip out your spine

So far the studios have been playing it safe with the footage from 'Predators', but the new international trailer holds nothing back. Bloody, brutal, and intense, it's packed with everything 'Predator' fans have been needing to get excited about this film.

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mediafrenzii2863d ago

Yes! I'm not reading a single review until I see this movie!

darklordzor2863d ago

I understand, I don't even care what people will be saying, I'm still going to go see it.

jarodwarren2863d ago

I will be first in line when this hits! AWESOME!

amsdesignphoto2863d ago

I'm definitely going to hope they do a prescreening in Dallas. I will wait for this one!! I fell in love with the trailer!

-Mezzo-2863d ago

DAMN, i was about to post it this morning but thought it was already posted, Awesome trailer Though.

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