Netflix's Polar (2019) REVIEW - A Lukewarm Mess | Cultured Vultures

Polar is a stellar trailer cut from a disappointing film.

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HRoach61621d ago

I enjoyed this movie. Is it a great film that helps define the genre? No. Is it a more brutal, less serious take on the “John Wick” style action film? Hell yes. And it’s very enjoyable if you just want to watch a cool action movie with some good performances.
It’s a little more campy at times than I cared for. But the main performances are great. There’s some heart. And without spoiling anything I liked the way it all wrapped up.
I’ve been recommending it to friends.

HRoach61621d ago

Also the cinematography is phenomenal in this. It is a gorgeous film and the HDR is really well implemented. Every 5 minutes I was in awe at the scenery and shots.