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Tom Holland Accidentally Leaks Spider-man 2 Title; And Yes, Holland Is Still The King of Leaks

Dubbed as the king of leaks in Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tom Holland once again accidentally leaks the new title for the upcoming sequel of Spider-man movie. In an Instagram video shared today recorded at ACE Comic Con in Seattle, Tom Holland accidentally confirmed the new title for the upcoming Spider-man 2 movie.

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thejigisup143d ago

This is no longer an accident, great marketing, but he def didn't do that on accident.

PhantomS42143d ago

None of what they conveniently "leak" is ever an accident, they are told what they can and can not say.

killswitch80143d ago

"yup marketing done well looks like a leak ….look at this past e3 with the Walmart Canada "Leak"

KingPin142d ago

seriously...since when are movie titles a thing to rave about.

must be a slow news day

Aldous_Snow142d ago

People still believe that these are accidental and not staged? smh