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Disney is Making the WRONG Star Wars Anthology Films!

Disney has made it clear recently that they are interested in exploring the possibilities of the Star Wars universe with the anthology films. However, with Rogue One and Solo, these films haven't really explored anything new. Here's why we think Disney should take this opportunity to really explore original stories.

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Nodoze187d ago

I thought Rogue One was the best new film released. The Farce Awakens and the last Jedi were utter crap. Solo was not a bad movie (outside of the SJW crap with the stupid robot, and Lando being pan sexual). Last Jedi was just the worst movie in almost every way. Mary poppins, space moose milking, psychopath luke....the list goes on and on. Rian Johnson is a TOOL. He should not be let anywhere near this license EVER again.

Deadpoolio187d ago

LMFAO are people really going on about Lando still....One would think it might be time to get over it and move on since at NO POINT in the film is it ever hinted at that Lando is Pansexual.....The whole pansexual thing came from literally NOTHING in the film but in an interview when Kasdan was asked if Lando could be pansexual and all the response was is a shoulder shrug and a sure not a YES but more like a what a stupid question sure.....

level 360187d ago

Rogue One was the best and most memorable, the rest were either so-so ( Solo was very predictable with only some good scenes to save the movie ) or a total disappointment ( build-up for a great story to Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi just bombed ).
I just think they need to stop building stories from old characters if they can't get good scriptwriters'.. Boba Fett?.. here we go again.

Inzo187d ago

Solo is a result of TLJ, the fans have had enough of this SJW BS and Solo is us hitting back..hard. If Disney stays their current course they will find themselves with another massive box office bomb when Episode 9 comes out.

terrorofdeath187d ago

I just want to see an Obi-Wan movie.