Han Solo Was the Coolest Star Wars Character Until 'Solo'


Harrison Ford infamously told George Lucas that “you can type this shit, but you sure as hell can’t say it.” Watching Disney’s Solo: A Star Wars Story, I was struck by the simple truth of Ford’s quip. Solo has arrived after a tumultuous production, and is at once travelling through hyperspace while frozen in carbonite. In attempting to merge Han Solo the icon with Disney’s idea of Han Solo the brand, it fails its subject matter and itself.

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WizzroSupreme167d ago

Nope. Solo is a great movie. Haters are gonna hate.

PhantomS42164d ago

So great the theaters were completely empty is the worst selling SW movie and got terrible reviews.

PapaBop164d ago

The movie wasn't bad but yeah, I couldn't believe how few people there were at my Sunday showing I saw. It's a shame really, I thought the actor did a great job as Solo all things considered, he deserved a better movie than what we got.

2pacalypsenow164d ago

Yeah usually when something is bad, fans will use the “haters gonna hate” to make themselves feel better.

ChrisW164d ago

Personally, I never really cared for Han Solo. Nerf Herder is way too nice of a word for him.

The_Blue164d ago

Harrison Ford ford is cool not Han Solo

agent4532164d ago

Bummer, I will rent this movie

_LarZen_164d ago

Never cared much for Han Solo. But after watching Solo I like the guy much more and want more stories like this. And I think it's silly to complain about losing the mystery about Han Solo. If you want it to stay a mystery then dont watch a spinnoff that is all about Han Solo!

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