'Lethal Weapon' Star Clayne Crawford Out as Producers Scramble to Recast

The reported on set issues have apparently reached a breaking point.

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Garethvk13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

it's been a hit with critics and fans.

blackblades13d ago

It's not trash, 1st season was good cant say about s2 because directv dropped the channel for awhile but what I watch it was a show worth watching.

Haurus13d ago

Don't bother recasting. Viewer numbers are going to drop like a rock now.

You cannot recast the lead character of a show after 2 seasons and expect things to continue as usual. Especially when the lead character happens to be as well liked by viewers as this guy is. Near every praise of the show starts out with how perfect Clayne is in that role. Clayne is to Riggs as David Hayter is to Snake.

Twinblade13d ago

This is just Fox's way of getting rid of a popular show, I guess they want a time slot to open up for cash me outside girl, reality tv show.