Ryan Reynolds Responds to Teen Titans GO! Movie’s Deathstroke/Deadpool Joke

Neocrisis - Around a week ago, the trailer for the Teen Titans GO! Movie was released. However, it would seem that the film’s cast is having some confusion about Deathstroke and Deadpool.

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Inzo221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Ryan Gosling!😂😂

slate91221d ago

I thought this GO! stuff was almost dead. Why did they get rid of the original Titans animated series? Smh

Anzil221d ago

Immature people don’t get told thier losers anymore so now we get shit like this. Millennials/Modern Liberalism killed the world. Hahahahahaha

Prince-Ali220d ago

You know i never used to watch this show because "its not out Teen Titans", so i literally NEVER gave this show a chance and im a HUGE comic book fan lol (ESPECIALLY DC)... But around two weeks ago i got Cartoon Network installed in my room and Teen Titans Go! was coming on next and i was like lemme just have this in the background while i continue to draw... When i tell you i stopped drawing so i can watch the show bro! The show is ACTUALLY pretty damn good, It's funny, it's aware and it breaks the 4th wall hilariously and the fights are actually well choreographed and it also does this thing where it alludes to an overarching plot that obvo i hadn't yet been aware of... Anyways i say all that to say that i've gone out of my way to try catching the show while it's on and ive watched soo many episodes! it's really good and now the movie is a MUST WATCH for me lool