Mark Hamill Reveals Original Ending for Star Wars Episode 9

Mark Hamill Reveals Original Ending for Star Wars Episode 9 - Mark Hamill has revealed what George Lucas originally had in store for Luke and how the Sequel Trilogy originally ended.

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guywazeldatatt262d ago

This is actually REALLY interesting. I would have loved it to play out like this; George Lucas is such a visionary, regardless of what you think of the prequels. With another director the ST, under George's overall supervision, could have been incredible.

TheSuperiorGamer262d ago

This is interesting but I would have liked to see Luke training, say, his daughter. Killing him off in 8 was criminal though.

lifeistranger262d ago

I just hope Luke comes back in 9 "stronger than you can possibly imagine", like Obi-Wan alluded to.

OldManWyatt262d ago

I'm still upset they killed Luke in The Last Jedi. There were so many doors they shut with that decision, such as Luke training more Jedi, but I'm curious to see where they go now!

TheOpenWorlder262d ago

They go where all bad films go: the bargain bin of some antique DVD/Blu-Ray store in San Francisco.

guywazeldatatt262d ago

Unfortunately yeah. Rian Johnson destroyed the trilogy. Kathleen Kennedy should never have taken over

Lord_Sloth261d ago

Everybody always just says "lulz she beat a fully trained Kylo" but they always neglect 2 points. 1. She's no stranger to combat in general. 2. Kylo was both heavily wounded and stressed about Han. He was unfocused as hell and bleeding out so he wasn't in top form and he still had the upper hand for most of the fight.

I also don't think it's a big deal that she could "Siphon" her training via the mind link.

guywazeldatatt261d ago (Edited 261d ago )

It's true in a sense but still, even a wounded Kylo is super powerful, on the level of Luke and Anakin. Rey should have been no match for him. And her just using a Jedi mind trick out of nowhere was ridiculous.

I actually like Rey a lot, but there are issues there.