10 WWE Daniel Bryan Dream Matches I Want to See

Richard of gXp writes, "There is no denying that Daniel Bryan was (and may still be) one of the most talented and entertaining wrestlers of this generation. There may even be an argument that he could be considered one of the best ever to step foot inside a wrestling ring. So, to see a man of that caliber be able to once again wrestle in the WWE and entertain the fans as an active competitor… man, I am shaking just thinking about seeing him return to competition. And in the two years that Daniel Bryan has been on the shelf, unable to compete in the WWE, there has been a swell of new talent that has joined the company that I would love to see Daniel Bryan face off against during his return. Hell, there are some competitors that were around when Daniel Bryan was wrestling that I wouldn’t mind seeing him wrestle against a few more times as well. Which brings me to this list here: the ten wrestlers that I would love to see Daniel Bryan face off against in the WWE now that he has effectively returned to in-ring competition."

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