New Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Is Even More Marvellous

The wait is nearly over. Avengers: Infinity War is almost here and, as the new trailer suggests, it's turning out to be one of the biggest superhero films ever.

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Aldous_Snow193d ago

Those 2 minutes were better than the entire DCEU and made Justice League look like it was made in the 80s.

Starlord & Iron man LOL. Loved that bit

P_Bomb193d ago

MCU has had its share of stinkers too. Iron Man 3, Incredible Hulk, Thor 2. Avengers: Age of Ultron was absolutely nothing to write home about. Spider-Man Homecoming is okay at best.

Fortunately Infinity War looks better than all those. Except where’s Ant-Man?

Harkins1721193d ago

Hulk was the only stinker. The others were good and Spiderman was great.

PhantomS42193d ago

Iron Man 3, AoU were great. Homecoming was fantastic.

cell989193d ago

The only stinker was Ironman 3. Age of Ultron was not that bad. Certainly not worse than Justice League

WelkinCole193d ago

Ironman 3. I jut hated what they did in using Mandarin like that

Aldous_Snow192d ago

Oh I agree to an extent. I personally thought all Ironman movies were stinkers. Thor 1 & 2 were shit. Trouble with your comment is thats only a few ftom 20 odd movies. DCEU has a 100% success rate of churning out stinkers

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Gaming4Life1981193d ago

It looks good but you over hyped it lol way too high. Justice league was good and I really don't get all the hate for that movie. This is the 3rd avengers movie and all the movies have led up to this so it should be epic.

-Foxtrot192d ago

JL was not that good

It was rushed, story sucked, tone was all over the place, characters didn’t feel like their comic counterparts, some miscast, music was off, CGI was bad

I mean...come on. Lot of white knights today

Porcelain_Chicken192d ago


It's not so much that people are being "white knights". It's more that people aren't fond of other people trying to stir sh-t for the sake of being pessimists. The article and trailer had zero to do with DC. Bringing them up and being a fanboy and comparing, wether it be good or bad was gonna get hate. Not sure why we couldn't just enjoy the infinity war trailer in all of it's glory without being overtly opinionated so negatively about something completely different but that's the Internet for ya.

rockwhynot193d ago

I bet Link's silver gauntlets from OoT could handle Thanos's power puff gloves.

Porcelain_Chicken193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

Holyyyy sheeet!!! That looks phenomenal!! :O Shet is about to go down can’t wait!!

cell989193d ago

Tickets for the movie are already selling fast

Muadiib193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

So many libtards in one movie...except Chris Pratt, he's awesome. Last point, Hollywood, how come you're not funny anymore (I already hinted on this)?

TheRealHeisenberg193d ago

It is such a shame that the conservatards are having a tough time finding work. Maybe those fine people at Fox & Friends can fund a reboot for Charles in Charge.

Deadpoolio192d ago

Maybe Das Trumenfurher could just hire Scott Baio to work in his administration. Scott Baio probably has about the same level of experience as the morons he's already hired....I guess he would have to ask Putin first though.

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