Christopher Robin Teaser Trailer

Disney has released a touching new trailer and image for the new film about the boy from the beloved tale.

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Garethvk196d ago

It does look good. Mary Poppins returns and this look like classic Disney.

BenjaMan64195d ago

Wrinkles are just a sign of life experience, Pooh.

Garethvk195d ago

I think this is going to emotionally compromise people.

StarWarsFan195d ago

This looks awesome. Pooh's voice is perfect. I'm glad they didn't get too creative by rethinking everything.

SolidGamerX195d ago

New from Disney, The Schizophrenic Man and the Teddy Bear coming to a theater near you.

thejigisup195d ago

Just making sure that everyone knew that Ted, is actually cast as pooh bear.