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The MCU Beats The DCEU Because The General Audience Doesn't Read Comic Books

Considering how the MCU dominates the box office, you'd think it would have a positive effect on the comics. But it doesn't. This tells us an important thing: most of the people watching these movies aren't supporting the comic books.

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steven83r285d ago

Of course they don't. Today it's cool to like Marvel. If you like Batman or Superman you're a loser nerd. But if you like Cap or Iron Man you are super duper cool! Easy test to perform. Ask a girl to watch the next Batman movie, chances are she won't care much. Ask her to watch Avengers and she'll most likely jump at the chance and probably cosplay too.

CobraKai285d ago

Also cuz Marvels movies are better. I’m a DC fan but I can’t deny the craptacular spectacles that is the extended universe. It’s sad when I’d rather watch Batman and Robin over Batman Vs Superman. Maybe Nolan set the bar too high with his Batman.