‘Justice League’ Stunt Pre-Viz Offers A More Snyder-like Wonder Woman Entrance

EB: The stunt pre-viz, which you can check out above, is for Wonder Woman’s bank rescue entrance. As you will see it features a more radical approach to the action, and has Wonder Woman zipping around and kicking way more ass than we got to see her kick. It just feels like Snyder’s version of the scene, and I agree with most of the video’s commenters that it is way better than the stripped down version of the entrance that we got.

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KingPin283d ago

i dont know whats worse for WB at this point.
the fact that joss whedon messed up the movie with rushed effects and reshoots or that people are loving the released snyder snippets more wishing they were in the movie.

im also surprised nobody sued WB yet either with regards to JL.
i mean if you look at the final trailer, none of that was even in the movie. like literally none of it. wouldnt that count as false advertising?