Friday Night WrestleCast Ep. 25 – Should We Be Excited For WrestleMania 34?

Richard Bailey Jr. of The Koalition writes: Welcome to the 25th episode of Friday Night WrestleCast. On this podcast/vidcast, we discuss our candid thoughts on whether or not we are excited about WrestleMania 34 based on what transpired at WWE Elimination Chamber 2018. Is AJ Styles v.s. Shinsuke Nakamura the only match worth looking forward to or is it possible that Reigns v.s. Lesnar may surprise us? We answer all of these questions and share our thoughts on the other following topics:

WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 PPV Review
WWE Monday Night Raw Reactions
WWE Smackdown Live Reactions
WWE NXT Reactions
WWE Mixed Match Challenge Thoughts
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rbailey284d ago

Definitely looking forward to Styles vs Nakamura but not anything else at this time.

ASBO-5282d ago

Styles vs Nakamura is gonna rule ass as long as it doesn't get "Vinced" somehow, like shoehorning Cena into the match

sagesurge284d ago

I'm looking forward to maybe two matches at most. Everything is just so predictable and bland.

terrorofdeath283d ago

Mania should be a good one this year. We also get Takeover, so that will be fun. I think the show-stealer will be the IC Match. I'll take a 5-way, ladder match. Miz, Elias, Balor (Demon), Rollins, Braun