Netflix - Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action Trailer

Neocrisis - Here is the trailer for the live-action version of Fullmetal Alchemist, which will be available to stream on February 19th on Netflix.

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leahcim298d ago

Yes! My favorite anime show of all times.
Please Netflix do not ruin it

jazzking2001297d ago

2 days left to see if they screw it up

Lord_Sloth297d ago

Netflix didn't even make it. Japan did, Netflix is simply hosting it. If anybody screws this up it'll be Japan, just like they butchered Attack on Titan.

Deadpoolio297d ago (Edited 297d ago )

Screw what up? Streaming a Japanese made film that came out months ago, which the reviews for weren't very good because the film wasn't very good.....The reviews didn't even have to make much mention of how stupid it looks having a Japanese actor with a blonde wig playing a European character.... It shouldn't even be shocking that a 2hr film adaptation of an anime that took 53 30 minutes episodes to completely tell a story isn't good....Not everything needs to be made into a live action adaptation especially not when its a lengthy series

Deadpoolio297d ago

What does Netflix have to do with anything? Its not their show, its not something they can screw up....Its Netflix distributing a trash Japanese live action Full Metal Alchemist movie that already came out months ago in Japan and got pretty well trashed for not being good.....