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Netflix - Cody Fern joins final season of House of Cards

Neocrisis - Cody Fern will join Robin Wright, Michael Kelly, Jayne Atkinson, Patricia Clarkson, Constance Zimmer, Derek Cecil, Campbell Scott and Boris McGiver. This will be the shows sixth and final season. Just last week, Netflix announced that it also welcomed Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear to the show.

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Harkins1721298d ago

The shows pretty much dead now

jazzking2001298d ago

it was already "dead" before the kevin spacey news came out. I mean, they planned for it to end in season 6,

BlahBlahWhatever298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

There is no HoC without Kevin Spacey so the series end at season 5, this 6th season they are doing atm is not HoC it's just an imposter wannabe HoC but it will never be a part of the original series, ever, not in the eyes & hearts of the millions of fans all over the world.

jazzking2001298d ago

I stopped watching the show yrs ago, but from what i heard the show wife of spacey was/had taken the lead role in the show.

Lord_Sloth298d ago

Imma watch it regardless. I'm too invested in Doug as a character to simply not know how it all ends.