This Young Lando From ‘Solo’ Fan Art Is As Debonair As It Gets

EB: One of the more talented artists that I keep tabs on through Twitter is Stephen Byrne‏, mostly because of his animated/comic book style of art.

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Towers304d ago

Would much rather have a Lando focused film than Han tbh.

Nodoze304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

Why do I get the feeling that once again Kennedy leading Lucasfilm will result in an emasculated Han, and a focus on a strong female character (Emilia Clarke)....It is getting really really old. EVERY movie and game since She has taken the helm (including Battlefront 2's story which is now canon) have been focused on females. Enough already.

Count_Bakula304d ago

You're absolutely dead on about weakening Han. Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. Also expecting them to make him too respectable and good. Disney will forget Han is a smuggler and an outlaw and remove any and all morally ambiguous decisions from his canon simply for their younger demographic.