This Guy Should Have Been Cast In Solo: A Star Wars Story Instead Of Alden Ehrenreich

The first footage of Solo: A Star Wars Story is out now and reception for the first trailer has been mixed at best. The main criticism people have about the film so far is that Alden Ehrenreich does not look or sound anything like Harrison Ford.

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PhantomS42281d ago

Agreed, the people behind Age of Adaline had the brains to hire this guy to play a young Harrison Ford.

OffRoadKing281d ago

Maybe if he didn't lick his lips so damn much, its like Harrsion Ford mixed with Justin Bieber. meh

Protagonist281d ago

So basically you wanted justin bieber instead of a talented actor.

spicelicka281d ago

He does a really good impression, but acting is more than just impressions.

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