13 People and Movies That Don't Deserve Their Oscar Nominations This Year — Sorry


Oscars are supposed to reward quality. But the Academy of Arts and Sciences — which gives out the awards — gets it wrong all the time.

Remember when "Crash" won best picture in 2005? Or when "Suicide Squad" won an Oscar (for best makeup and hairstyling) just last year? Oscar history is filled with poor choices and outrageous omissions.

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strayanalog296d ago

There's quite a lot of hate for Three Billboards here. And no, I still haven't forgot Crash, nor Dances with Wolves, or Shakespeare in Love.

Surely if Three Billboards is mentioned in the Best Original Screenplay then you have to mention the Stepford Wives remake of Get Out? And it's not there. Get Out wasn't as original as Three Billboards and it sure was bland. What about A Ghost Story? That had a fantastic script.‎

Best Picture, sure, Three Billboards probably shouldn't be there, but, again, neither should Get Out. It's far too pretentious. The Last Jedi would have been an interesting pick, but The Big Sick was definitely robbed here.

Highlife296d ago

I didn't care for get out my wife thought it was awful.

strayanalog296d ago

Glad to hear I am not alone. I just don't understand how it gathered this much praise.
Admittedly not downright horrible, but it simply fails as a horror movie. It felt like people forgot about, again, The Stepford Wives or Being John Malkovich.

Bimkoblerutso296d ago

The fact that "The Last Jedi" was even mentioned in a list about Oscar Nominations, much less that it was offered as an alternative for so many categories, is an instant indicator that this list is bupkis.

It is a genuinely poorly written and edited film, all political BS and dashed expectations aside. It could be nominated for visual effects, I suppose, if only to show some recognition to the fine artists that so often seem to do great work on what are otherwise poor movies.

OmnislashVer36296d ago

I thought it was great. Far better writing than any other Star Wars.

strayanalog296d ago

Not downplaying your opinion or anything, but in what way was The Last Jedi poorly written? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Bimkoblerutso293d ago

It's a plot-hole ridden mess. And then people defend it by saying that they're explained in the "extended universe," which to me is just another way of saying "bad writing." Plus whole sections of the film are absolutely useless.

I'm not in the camp that thinks it ruined the franchise or anything. There were some things I liked (the return of puppet Yoda being one), but it's just not that well constructed a movie at the end of the day.