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Amazing And Successful Actors Who Lack in The Looks Department - writes... A book should never be judged by its cover and this also applies to people. Looks are not everything and are not a must-have when it comes to being a successful actor as I’m about to prove.

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Bitz297d ago

I'm not a bitch to some people they are handsome men but to most they are not. Just proves you don't have to look amazing to succeed

ChrisW297d ago

However... Joe Pesci, Christopher Walken, and Jack Nicholson were considered handsome when they were young.

KingPin290d ago

looking forward to your next article about successful women that lack in the looks department.....sigh

SpringHeeledJack297d ago

Find the best actors are not the best looking, maybe because they look more like real life people. Directors now fill their films with cat walk models and it's just not believable and they their acting is very poor.

yomfweeee297d ago

Most of the people on that list are successful because they're funny or something else... not because they're amazing actors.

Bitz296d ago

They are very successful actors

Babadook7297d ago

Steve buscemi is gorgeous. Have you see Spirits within??

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