Friday Night WrestleCast Ep. 19 – How Will Ricochet Make His Mark In WWE?

Richard Bailey of The Koalition writes: Welcome to the 19th episode of Friday Night WrestleCast. On this podcast/vidcast, we share our thoughts on the recent WWE signings including Trevor “Ricochet” Mann, War Machine, Ronda Rousey, Candice LaRae and more. How will they be used by WWE and are they destined for success or failure? We also dive into the other following topics:

Goldberg WWE Hall of Fame Induction
WWE Raw and Smackdown Reactions
Roman Reigns Steroid Allegations and Update
Raw 25th Anniversary Updates
and More

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SwiffEpics300d ago

WWE burns everything it touches

ASBO-5298d ago

There’s a Seth Rollins joke there somewhere

rbailey300d ago

Hopefully, Wrestling fans get the same version of Ricochet that they have grown accustomed to from the indie scene. Once he gets called up to the main roster though then there will be a reason to worry lol

terrorofdeath298d ago

Exactly. He'll be awesome in NXT, and then we'll have another Neville situation when he goes up to main.

sagesurge300d ago

It's still very unfortunate what happened to Paige and I still not sure how to feel about Ricochet and War Machine. WWE doesn't have a good track record with already established talent.