'Madam Secretary' Tries to Impeach Mentally Unstable President in Trump-Like Plot


Maybe President Conrad Dalton isn’t such a very stable genius, after all.

In Sunday’s episode of Madam Secretary, Dalton (Keith Carradine) will face removal from office after he exhibits uncharacteristically irrational behavior. Yes, the plot will center around invoking the 25th Amendment. No, the recent headlines about President Trump’s mental health didn’t inspire the episode, insists executive producer Barbara Hall.

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WizzroSupreme333d ago

This show is basically the Hilary show, isn't it?

360ICE331d ago

It says the episode was written in October. That's years after the President's mental illness started, but months before the Fire and Fury book uncovered that everyone around Trump thinks he's a nut.

Idk I feel like maybe I'm not gonna lose a lot of sleep over this TV show doing an episode on the 25th amendment.