Will We Finally Have A Decent Live Action Anime With Battle Angel?

Recently we were given a glimpse of the latest from Hollywood's live-action genre in the form of Battle Angel Alita, a cyber-punk sci-fi anime that began in 1990 from Yukito Kishiro.

20th Century Fox unveiled the trailer, which almost immediately garnered a huge and exciting reaction from fans, who noted the almost frightening accuracy of the main character's eyes. That's Alita, in case you were wondering. She's a tough cyborg bounty hunter, known around the globe for conquering bad guys in the manga, Battle Angel Alita.

Director Robert Rodriguez says the initial shock and awe from the public is exactly what they intended when designing the characters. The influence for such cosmetic creativity came from famed director James Cameron, who is also producing Battle Angel. Cameron had always been a fan of the Battle Angel manga, and had acquired the rights for a Battle Angel adaptation, but devoted time to allow CGI technology to advance enough that he could make a quality live-action film.

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maybelovehate360d ago

Ghost in the Shell was decent. Although probably better if you weren't familiar with it to begin with. I do not have very high hopes for this one though, Rodriguez just probably isn't the guy to pull this off.

woodtock360d ago

Well I’m hoping this movie is decent and makes a decent profit unlike ghost in the shell.