Audiences And Critics Have Divisive Opinions On Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi came out earlier this week to widespread critical praise from professional movie critics and reviewers. However on the flip side of that, general audiences are not liking the movie at all based on user scores.

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Averyashimself365d ago

For good reason; "Critics" are sucking up to anything Disney, and the average audience is split down the middle.

guywazeldatatt365d ago

my site is very close to being able to be approved for Metacritic. I wonder if they will let me based on my review of this film. Like within six months I should qualify for metacritic.

Blade1587361d ago

Just like with pirates 5, lone ranger, john carter, and tomorrowland /s

The 10th Rider361d ago

Pirates went to s*** before Disney owned Marvel, Star Wars, or Fox . . . Disney has grown substantially since then.

Neither John Carter or Tomorrowland were part of existing franchises with lots riding on them and John Carter was prior to Disney's ownership of Star Wars or Fox . . . so again they were a much smaller company.

All three were prior to things like Disney's massive demands for theaters when it comes to films like the Last Jedi, or them banning the LA Times from review screenings of movies.

thorstein364d ago

Actually. No. They really, really aren't

There are a few know nothing critics who are trying to be "edgy" about this latest film. I even saw one site rate the Hitman's Bodyguard higher than the Last Jedi.

It is mere clickbait.

Just because you exist in a bubble of people trying to convince themselves that the latest SW movie is trash, doesn't mean the rest of us think this.

In fact, I am going to see it again today. The standing ovation in my theater last time apparently doesn't apply to you.

Oh, and I can't wait for teh ad hominem that you will direct towards all those that love the movie.

They must not be as incredibly smart as a critic who doesn't know anything. And then you'll cry about being criticized which is deliciously ironic.

Averyashimself364d ago

Do you not understand what 57% means? That's basically split down the middle. That means that 57% of the people who reviewed the movie on RT, *generally* enjoyed the film, leaving another half of the reviews for people that did not *generally* like the film. We are not trying to convince ourselves that people didn't like the film, it's a simple fact, nearly half of the people who reviewed the movie on RT did not like the film.

KillZallthebeast362d ago

People that makes comments like this don't particularly care about factual evidence or numbers.

thorstein362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Do you not understand RT? Every single person that saw the movie (220 Million in sales) doesn't go to RT and voice their opinion.

As has been shown repeatedly, people don't take to the internet to voice their opinions unless they either have an amazing experience or a terrible one: doesn't matter if it's movies, video games, or restaurants. So, yes, I understand that on RT the fans are split.

What does that mean for everyone else? Not a thing since RT posters represent a tiny portion of the movie viewing population.

1600 reviews by "fans" (non professional critics) How many actually saw the film? 20+ million. (amount earned divided by avg ticket price ($8) which I rounded up to $10.

Those RTers don't even represent 1% of the population. They don't even represent a tenth of a percent. You have to go into the thousandths of a percent.

1600/20,000,000 is .000008 or about 8 thousandths of a percent.

So, yes, I clearly see that 43% of 8 thousandths of a percent didn't enjoy the film so much that they went online and wrote about it. Your argument becomes" We have evidence that A) approximately 800 people took to RT to state their displeasure with the movie and B) That equals approximately 16 ten thousandths of A percent.

@KillZallthebeast: How is that for factual evidence and numbers?
I know you won't acknowledge your mistake or that you were wrong in your assessment of what I was saying. Instead, you'll probably ad hominem or move the goalposts, or whatever logical fallacy you can think of. Anything, but say, "Oh, I see, I was wrong."

OmnislashVer36362d ago

thorstein is right, most people that have a good opinion aren't writing a review about it, they're going to see it again. Most people who have a bad review are saying "gotta have my pretentious opinion heard"! It's sad really.

Take another example, follow Star Wars on Facebook. Any comment will be liked 1000's of times by fans, second reaction love, 3rd may have 50ish dislikes(angry). However if you go through the comments, it's 50/50. Most fans, and they outnumber haters by a large margin- DON'T post their opinions. Whereas most haters post negative opinions and only THEN does it get a 50/50 split of positive and negative comments. That still doesn't take away from the fact the majority(the thousands who upvoted) had a positive reaction.

The haters aren't anywhere near 50%, they're a vocal minority. An annoying one at that.

Averyashimself361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

@Thorstein Omg in heaven! What a fucking comment of enlightenment you've provided! :O There's just no way I'll be able to match up to this mans intellectual superiority! :O

I'm so very sure that you have went out of your way to survey every viewer of the Last Jedi. By the way, nice misleading the numbers. Rounding up much?

Even if your numbers were dead on, it absolutely doesn't explain how every viewer felt about the movie. Because you simply don't have the information. Nor do I have the perfect information. But God knows that this has stormed up some conversations and differences of opinion more than I have yet to see in any other Star Wars film to date.

I'd like to point out that my entire argument was based on Rotten Tomatoes in the first place, yet you're trying to say that I'm talking about domestic viewers. The title of this article is "audiences and critics have divisive opinions on Star Wars: The Last Jedi."

And your quick and young response was "Actually. No. They really, really aren't"... as if you have the knowledge as to how every single viewer who watched this movie felt about it. You're sitting here spitting on about thousandth's of percents when the whole argument is not even about Rotten Tomatoes reviews relative to the population that saw the film.

So I will not do as you have done and manipulate numbers, I'll just tell you from my perspective what people were doing and saying directly after the film. I'd like to make clear that these viewers do not represent the entirety of all audiences, nor do their opinions matter any more than anyone else's.

The audience that I saw was filled with fans young and old her were wearing their Star Wars merch and came in excited to see a Star Wars movie, not a movie, not a comedy, a Star Wars movie. I know this because all of the one's that I saw came out of the theater dissapointed; they were complaining about tone, what was done with Luke's character, the useless plot that was Rose and Finn, the useless character that was Rose, etc. etc.

^These are the things that *I* saw leaving the film. I'm not going to use any of the "THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER REEEEEEEEE" reviews as evidence of the movie being positive, just as much as you and I both won't use the "THIS IS THE WORST STAR WARS MOVIE EVER" reviews as evidence of it being negative.

All we can look at now is perspective. You are not going to factually prove to me that a majority of viewers loved the film, just the same on the other side of the road. I cannot factually prove to you that the majority of viewers did not enjoy the film. No one here is any bubble, because you simply cannot prove how every single viewer felt about the movie, so don't pretend that you can. I feel like maybe you spit out so many numbers in spite of what KillZallthebeast said honestly.

thorstein360d ago


Look. I rounded up. The math skews towards the negative numbers (actually against my statement).

I watched it twice (so far) and like I said. I was in a theater with a standing ovation the first time and applause the second.

Your audience was mixed/ leaning toward disappointed. Okay. But, how does that make that "AudienceS have a divisive opinion?"

It was your sensational headline. Not mine. I simply pointed out that what people say online is very, very different from reality.

For instance, if you based your world view on what people post online, then you'd think the world is a pretty crappy place.

But...a hurricane hits and all these people step up and help out. A mass shooting and people step up to lead others to safety. Wildfires and people step up to fight it and protect others. Terrorist attack and people step up.

There is less crime, violence, rape, abortions, divorce, theft, than in the last 4 decades because people are good. Yet, if we look online we see some of the worst.

300 Nazis showed up in Charlottesville and that was all the media could talk about. They ignore peaceful protests all of the time. 300 nazis? What about the March for Science? 40,000.

Media is negative all the time. I called you out for your negativity. That is all.

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DillyDilly362d ago

This is not about critics this is about the audience

DillyDilly362d ago

& you like it great but people will have their own opinions

thorstein362d ago

And mine is no less valid.

kevnb362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Rotten tomatoes users don't represent the audience, other user scores arent this low either. You have to realize normal everyday people don't often go on rt and review movies, its only a certain kind of person on there.

Summons75362d ago

User reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are the movie equivalent of Yelp reviews on restaurants. The majority are hipsters writing bad reviews because they can for the most stupid reasons they can think of.
"This restaurant is so awful. There were three candles at my table and only two were lit. I didn't say anything to the waitress just glanced back and forth and she didn't even acknowledge it. VERY RUDE SERVICE." One Star
"The Star Wars is so terrible, I made one hundred flawless youtube theories about what is going to happen and none of it was correct."

The movie was awesome despite some of it's weaker points. Haters can hate all they want but they decided long ago that the movie was terrible so there was no pleasing them.

X-Alchemist362d ago

Is it that hard for you to grasp that some people genuinely didn’t like this film? You guys chant this nonesense that you have to be a pessimistic ‘Yelp hipster’ to have conflicting views. The movie had genuine problems, I can see how people didn’t like it. When I left the theatre there were mass amounts of people who were venting their dissapointment.

isa_scout361d ago

Yeah, the A cinema score is a much better representation because they poll the average moviegoer instead of the vocal minority who takes to the internet. I'm a huge Star Wars fan(named my firstborn son after Luke Skywalker)and I enjoyed it. It most definitely has its flaws, but if we're being honest theres never been a perfect Star Wars film. Some of these fans had unreasonable expectations. There's never going to be another Empire Strikes Back, and if that's where people keep their expectations then they'll always leave disappointed. Surpring, but my least favorite Star Wars film is Rogue One, and a lot of people loved it. It felt to slow, and It just doesn't feel like Star Wars if it's not about the Skywalkers.

DillyDilly362d ago

This is the Star Wars version of Batman v Superman

kevnb362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

not really, all user scores across different websites hated that one, critics didnt like it either. This movie is hated by rt users, who cares? Some people just dont like the way Luke acts in the new movie and thus hate the entire thing, screw them.

DillyDilly362d ago

It's called opinions either get used to the fact that people will have an opinion different from yours or get off the net / stop posting on comment sections / message boards

ninsigma362d ago

Who could hate the way Luke acts?? That was Mark Hammils best performance!

DaMist362d ago

@ninsigma I think he meant "Luke's behavior and actions" (i found no problems with it) not specifically Mark's performance, which was awesome by the way.

343_Guilty_Spark362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

His behavior is perfectly reasonable considering he failed to revive the Jedi Order and his nephew turned to the Dark Side. He had every right to be a self-loathing lonesome hermit. The scene with Yoda is very telling...Luke had the Jedi scriptures, the temple, the island....and still failed. He couldn’t understand why because he was so absorbed, so obsessed with following the books. He didn’t trust in his feelings, that is why he failed. But Yoda told him failure is one of the best instructors.

ninsigma362d ago

Ah yes, I see now. Thanks for the clarification. In which case, yeah I had no problem with how Lukes character was. Were people expecting him to be the same as the original trilogy?? I thought the movie captured a great Luke Skywalker for the stage of life he's at and considering everything that had happened between return of the Jedi and the last Jedi.

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isa_scout361d ago

You expressed YOUR opinion and he expressed HIS opinion. Neither one of you is wrong. 30 years ago my dad got me hooked on Star Wars and he was unimpressed with The Last Jedi while I enjoyed it. Both are valid opinions, but calling it the BvS version of Star Wars is a little much. I love Star Wars but there's more meh Star Wars movies than good ones. Before you express how bad it is I'd ask you three question though. Is it even remotely as bad as the horrendous Phantom Menace? Is the writing as questionable as Attack of the Clones? Is its jumps in logic as flawed as Revenge of the Sith? If you're answers are No then what you're left with is an enjoyable middle of the pack Star Wars movie.How is that BvS when that whole franchise is considered by many to be mediocre?

Protagonist362d ago

I loved the movie and will watch it again soon.

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