In Defense of Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s Least Essential Plot

Vanity Fair: A spoiler-free examination of the film’s most disposable sequence.

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thorstein311d ago

Nothing to defend. Most people easily follow the plot. Critics can't. It is just more evidence that they are non contributing zeroes.

maybelovehate310d ago

I disagree about Finn not changing or developing as a character. In Force Awakens Finn was just an accidental part of the rebellion. He helped them because he cared about Rey. His motives started out in the same fashion through this film where he was willing to abandon the Rebellion and risk it as an attempt to help Rey. I felt the story arch involving Rose did a great job in showing him become an actual part of the rebellion. By the end of the movie Finn was willing to die for rebellion and not just Rey. And was a key to the spark of hope in the resistance with his and Rose's bravery in Canto Bight.

ninsigma310d ago

Absolutely agreed. Exactly how I felt about Finn as well. It was great to see both him and Poe go through character development in this movie.

PapaBop310d ago

That's an interesting way of looking at it and completely spot on, I just wished they did it in a way which felt integral to the plot as opposed to an add on.

maybelovehate309d ago

It was integral to the plot though in many ways. Not just the obvious motive of saving the fleet but also in showing the real world of Star Wars and that the First Order isn't the only bad guy in the universe. It was also the best example of what the Rebellion is, Rose signifies what the rebellion actually is probably better than any Star Wars character to date. And lastly it was also a key part of the narrative about Poe becoming a leader.

ninsigma310d ago

Not sure it needs defending. I enjoyed that plot for what it was.

PapaBop310d ago

Still a better love story than Twilight!