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Telegraph: “We are what they grow beyond,” one old-timer observes to another in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (12A cert, 152 mins) as they watch a symbol of their shared past go up in smoke. The twosome – one of whom is a weary and grizzled Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) – are reflecting on the new generation of rebels fighting their age-old cause in ways they could have never expected.

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OmnislashVer36311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Legit the best Star Wars story I've ever seen. It explored more human themes, from depression, to abandonment, betrayal, and so forth, without giving up the Star Wars charm that the originals had. Plot-wise it was easily the most thorough of all Star Wars movies because let's be honest, Star Wars analytically was always character and effects-driven anyway- not extremely heavy on plot. The fact that they actually went into character backstories, personal motives, and had a ton of plot was so damn refreshing. The new characters were good, and the way they influenced the plot was great. Effects were top-notch, in fact I would say it has the Greatest of all Time.

Star Wars is already legendary, but this deserves no less than 10/10 and sets the bar for fantasy/sci-fi.