A Joss Whedon Justice League Extended Cut Is Coming

If rumours are to be believed, DC fans will be getting an extended cut of Joss Whedon's version of Justice League.

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nyobzoo6d ago

that's cool, it sucks that WB mandated the movie to be 2hr's long. And though I liked It, it def could use a few more scenes

ZombieGamerMan6d ago

How about a Snyder extended cut since Wedon fucked over this movie with the forced cringe humor

NordicRainy6d ago

Who the hell wants that? People want the Snyder cut more I think

ClanPsi6d ago

They've made it pretty clear that there is no "Snyder cut," unfortunately. :(

cell9896d ago

Glad it’s this and not a Snyder cut

Anzil6d ago

Ya cause everyone doesn’t want to see the black suit and Atlantis and Darksied from Snyder’s Cut. Whedon is the real Hack.

CobraKai6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

No thanks on the black suit, or the humorless, colorless, needlessly dark, overtly long, drab, uninteresting, nonsensical Snyderverse Justice League.

I’m glad that Whedon did the one thing Snyder couldn’t. Make Superman, SUPERMAN!!!

“Truth and Justice “ not “I won’t break you, consider this mercy” or whatever he said, BS.

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