New The Last Jedi Dialogue From TV Spots Focuses on Rey

New The Last Jedi Dialogue comes from several TV spots that prove to be very interesting, giving us additional insight into scenes we've seen from trailers.

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guywithazeldatattoo365d ago

Luke seeming pretty frantic here with "resist!" Also some other cool bits we haven't seen or heard clearly yet. Really hope we don't have any major leaks from though..

guywazeldatatt365d ago

We've seen a lot that point to the fact that The Rey/Luke relationship is really the heart of this story. Doubt that bit of her pleading with Kylo was legit. had to be misdirection. or really Luke will have no redemption.

guywithazeldatattoo365d ago

hopefully JJ doesn't screw up everything that Rian has built in VII.

sjaakiejj364d ago

That's the scene where she's pleading to Kylo in the main trailer. She's actually talking to Luke - not Kylo.

lifeistranger365d ago

Hope they don’t reveal anything else in these trailers/spots