Are Audiences And Critics Divided Over The Justice League Movie?

The Justice League movie came out this week and it appears there is a disconnect between normal movie goers and most professional critics. The audience seems to like the film, while critics have bagged on it.

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TimelessDbz365d ago

Nothing really to be split on . Its enjoyable for what it is.

corroios365d ago

Its Just another heroe movie for casuals, because for the rest is average. And the flash being a clown is very sad.

SarcasticDuck365d ago

haven't seen it but for what i've heard, all the comic references and easter eggs makes it NOT for casuals

steven83r365d ago

I saw it and would not say it's for casuals. Marvel movies are basically for casuals as you put them. The movie was great. Superman was a badass. The Flash was funny but they did try too hard with his jokes. His expressions are great over his jokes. Avengers Ultron wasn't great and had a CGI villain but that gets rave reviews...wonder why.

Retroman365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

That's the problem Barry Allen not a comedy relief but a intelligent ,smart person . can't believe someone run fast as Lightning need to be a Bafoon ,but someone has ability as a god with tights and cape is ok . or ass-hoe think he's a Bat is indestructible is ok??.
No one can kill batman ? Haaaaaaaaaaa i call BS .

Yes, i've seen the movie

thekhurg365d ago


Well this Barry Allen isn't even The Flash yet. There's a deleted scene where he and Aquaman were trying to come up with a name. So he hasn't had time to settle into the role.

There was also nothing in the movie that gave the impression that this Barry wasn't intelligent. So yeah, you're exaggerating everything.

Retroman365d ago

Here,here........ as a Flash fan from the 60's Barry Allen never was a clown or a Bafoon as they protray him now days . what a Damn shame. Barry Allen was smart ,intelligent , thought things out before moving .

-Foxtrot364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

He's completely different personality wise AND looks the F*** can you get these characters wrong when they have been portrayed in animated stuff really well.

This Flash/Barry came off as an anti social, friendless outcast who seems like he's on the autistic spectrum somewhere...that's not him, he's not like that at all. Not to mention they really tried hard to make him funny and not in the way his character actually is.

Jeez, how hard is it to get him right. Not even the Flash TV show gets him right, despite being a crappy actor compared to Ezra at least Grant Gustin looks more like Barry then Ezra and even then Grant is still far off from him.

I mean they couldn't even get Ezra to dye his hair or something, it's basically just Ezra Miller. Really dosen't help that he has this Asian like complextion going on with him aswell.


If you've seen it compared the animated Superman series Flash race with the films version. Ezra acts so cringe worthy in it while Flash in the animated show is great.

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steven83r365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

The movie is great. The critics are most likely Marvel fanboys. It's not fair to DC to compare the new movies to old Batman and Superman movies. Marvel had it easy. No such thing as an Iron man,Captain America or Thor movie before. So they gave you what they wanted and you took it as amazing. DC has 20 years + of superhero movies for people to bitch about and compare to. Marvel isn't better, They just have it easy.

thorstein365d ago

Or just critics being their normal hateful selves.

Must be sad to live a life as bitter as a critic's.

spicelicka364d ago

How about both suck? When a Marvel move is bad they blame it on DC, when a DC movie is bad they blame it on Marvel. As a fan of neither I can tell you almost all superhero movies are generic and cheesy. Same recycled plotline over and over and over. Throw in jokes to keep the audience entertained, throw in some cameos for "new characters" to hype up the fanboys for the next generic spinoff.

Every now and then you come across some good ones that do it different, like Logan, Dark Knight, etc. Those are the ones I enjoy.

Averyashimself365d ago

If only critics weren't a bunch of Marvel fanboys. Need proof?
Xmen Origins: Wolverine 38% (You know, the movie that everyone pretends doesn't exist because it was so badly done), Hulk 61%, Thor: The Dark World 66%, The Incredible Hulk 67%, Iron Man 2 73%, and the lists goes on of Marvel films that most of us agree were not very well.

And Then Batman Vs Superman gets 27%.

C'mon critics, you're embarrassing yourselves with your bitterness and bias. I get that BvS could have been better, but seriously?..

thorstein365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

All of the Dark Knight movies. Hate to disagree with you, and I sincerely mean that since I hate critics, but the DK movies were fantastic.

Don't try to make this into a fanboy false dichotomy. I liked Suicide Squad enough to purchase it. And I liked the 1st modern Superman movie.

I liked Ben Afleck's Batman but in BvS, I really couldn't like Superman. Though, I haven't been a huge fan... I like the villains in his stories better. That said, I thought hitting him with a nuke at the end of BvS killing him but NOT the enemy was stupid.

I want better villains. DC has cornered the market on awesome villains. Bring them on!!

Gaming4Life1981365d ago

I hate to say this but the critics are marvel fanatics and that is all. Marvel gets a pass on everything but DC movies get bashed for everything. All marvel movies play out the exact same way and are praised for it. Marvel has been using the same formula for their movies for a long time and now the sense of danger or a threat is not even taken seriously, it's joked about.

Justice league is not by any means perfect but is still a good movie and a fun ride, it only gets bashed because it's not marvel just like bvs did. I will admit suicide squad sucked and even though it had it's great moments the movie as a whole sucks.