Ray Donovan Renewed (and Relocating) for Season 6


The Showtime drama is moving production from Los Angeles to New York.

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alycakes268d ago

That's great. This was suppose to be their last season.

dauntingpixel268d ago

i've never seen an episode in my life

alycakes267d ago

I hadn't seen any of it til this year and I was so hooked. I had to go back and see it all. It's weird but very good too.

StarWarsFan268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

I think going to Boston would have been a good move.

alycakes267d ago

I kinda agree with you. That one didn't cross my mind

StarWarsFan267d ago

Yeah, right? I mean, New York is great and it makes perfect sense in terms of moving on, but considering all the backstory and references of Boston in the show, going back to their roots would have been an interesting dynamic. I wonder what's going to happen with the bar in California. The show should end (hopefully in years far off) with Ray's son being the most undamaged of the entire bunch after joining the military.