EIFF 2017: Happy End Review | Enthuse

Chris Ranta from Enthuse writes: From the moment that Happy End begins, it’s clear what the audience is in for. The opening scene of Michael Haneke’s latest effort is seen from the perspective of 13-year-old Eve Laurent (Fantine Harduin) as she records the family hamster overdosing on her mother’s antidepressants. As that scene ends, the blatantly ironic title quietly appears on screen, and Haneke has established the film’s tone. As we are introduced to the rest of the Laurent family, played by some of the best actors of our time including Isabelle Huppert and Jean Louis-Trintignant, Haneke uses the rest of the film to show off this freak show of a dysfunctional family. What makes this film stand out, however, is that he uses the family drama mould to create a brilliantly scathing, twisted, pitch-black satire about where we are in society today, from our depressing over-dependence on technology, to the current refugee crisis.

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