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With over 250 episodes under its belt, South Park is one of the most successful and long-running TV comedies -- animated or otherwise -- of all time. Since its debut on Comedy Central in 1997, the series has delivered a wide range of unique stories, all of them courtesy of creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

As Season 21 (!!) is underway, we've compiled an updated Top 10 South Park episodes list, looking back at the entire series so far through Season 20.

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dauntingpixel422d ago

love love love south park. been playing the hell out of the game this week. big fan of the christmas epiosdes.

ajax17422d ago

90% of the first 5 seasons is better than the 90% of the last 10 years. The show has really gone downhill since they stopped having original ideas, and replaced them with satirizing current events

scorpio_2049421d ago

You’re right. Current event episodes are fun but I like the boys being boys more. Give me an Awesome-O or Little Crime Stoppers over Make Love Not Warcraft(still a good episode) or 90% of the last several seasons any day. For instance the Super Fun Time episode was such a great episode but the rest of the season was filled with episodes about current events or trends.

I think the problem is they’ve done so many storylines and as they’ve admitted they stand in the huge shadow of the Simpsons. And they’ve reached the point in their careers they really don’t NEED to dig deep to make money. Back when they were first starting they were trying to prove themselves and eat. They even said it wasn’t until season 10 or so when then realized they had “made it.” That seems to be the kiss of death for original content.

As much as I hate to say it good South Park is over. We’ll still get a good episode here and there. But the show has lost so much steam.

YodaCracker421d ago

Seasons 6-8, in my opinion, were South Park at its best. Could even extend that to 5-9.