The Scary Thing Hollywood Does When it Runs Out of Reboots


Hollywood has found a winning new formula. “Happy Death Day,” a mash-up of two 1990s movies, has beaten “Blade Runner 2049,” a straight sequel of a 1980s cult hit, at the box office.

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KingPin362d ago

hollywood has run out of original stories a while ago.
99% movies nowadays
comic book movie

Deadpoolio362d ago

LMFAO drama queen much...Here's an idea, rather than pay attention to the NOWHERE NEAR 99% ignore the comic book films, and remakes FYI a reboot is a remake, and instead pay attention to ANY of the HUNDREDS of films made EVERY SINGLE YEAR that aren't movies your interested in....Cause a FACT the remake/reboot is probably less than 10%

KingPin362d ago

theres a reason i dont pay attention to the hundreds of movies im not interested in.....its because they're probably junk and not worth my time or money. otherwise they would be highly rated and id actually take an interest in watching them.

remakes, reboots and comic book movies are where most studios are making their money from nowadays. thats a fact and thats why they keep making them again and again.

s45gr32362d ago

Agreed specially the comic book movie

Retroman362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Hollywood will Never run out of Reboots .

Hollywood foundation is built on "do lest ,repeat what you got" tweak enough to look different ,slap on New title .
Deceive Millions of people , this been going on since the camera was invented make money off of Suckers.
Their you have root of Hollywood strategy .
long as they able to make money Reboots will never Die.
example : 1927 " it grows in backyard " been Rebooted 3 times since First original release year 1927
" Captain America " has been Rebooted 3 times over the years , Green Arrow ,Green Hornet,Batman ,Superman .
Everything is a product and that product need to be Appealing therefore is Rebooted each generation to generate revenue from old product . Eaziest scam ever to make money. " why create something New " when you can keep flipping something Old that generate Billions of Dollars.

Hollywood strategy 101

thekhurg362d ago

Movies are generational. Minus Spiderman and Sony's mishandling of the series, most "reboots" are for an entirely new generation of movie-goers.

level 360362d ago

I'd like to see in the mix a few original films with a more simple and down-to-earth situational themes that people can relate to with their lives whether it be a drama, comedy or even horror.

dauntingpixel362d ago

have they run out of reboots? I feel like they're barely scratching the surface