The Last Jedi Trailer - Visual Parallels in the Star Wars Saga

The Last Jedi Trailer -- Visual Parallels shows how maybe Rey, Kylo, and Anakin/Darth Vader may not be so different after all. Is Rey Anakin reborn?

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Darklink28161d ago

They Rey/Anakin shot is exact. This is not by accident.

ScreenCritics161d ago

Love the Anikan/Rey shot. You can tell where they're going with that. Hopefully the movie delivers.

Darklink28161d ago

I love Rian Johnson. I really wish he were doing IX, but, I really think TLJ could be the best SW film yet.

lifeistranger161d ago

These are amazing. Rey and Anakin, holy crap, it’s the same shot!!!

Darklink28161d ago

I was really surprised when I looked back at that Anakin sot

X-Alchemist160d ago

They don't look that similar calm down.