GR | 'Star Trek Discovery' Premiere Review


Long before Captain Kirk, there was Lieutenant Commander Michael Burnham. At least, that’s what we discover in the premiere of the newest Star Trek series, Discovery. Forget Spock (for now), Picard, and Janeway - this is a Federation which predates them all. Unfortunately, it might also be one which is completely unrecognisable to fans. CBS and Netflix UK premiered the first two episodes to mixed reactions, but while the trepidation of hardcore Trekkies is to be expected, there’s no denying the quality and promise of the premiere. Let’s boldly go into the first two episodes, and if you haven’t seen it yet, be warned, there are spoilers to follow.

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StarWarsFan321d ago

It takes itself very seriously so far. I don't foresee many moment of pure fun. And why couldn't this just air on regular TV. What a hassle.