Young Sheldon Pilot Review – The Koalition

Dana Abercrombie from The Koalition writes:

"Young Sheldon is what happens when a studio gives a damn about its original fan base while wanting to attract new fans. Its what happens when writers decide to write with their hearts instead of greed. Yes, Young Sheldon is about a boy genius but that’s just part of the story. It’s a dance of love, family, acceptance, regret and hope that makes this story – the human story so damn enjoyable, frustrating and hard."

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SwiffEpics362d ago

I never cared for the original series, but maybe this will be good.

Tiqila361d ago

Yet another generic family comedy-drama series.

rbailey361d ago

I had no idea that this show was related to The Big Bang Theory. I'm definitely interested in at least seeing how the pilot turned out but we shall see if the season in it's entirety is actually good.

chris235361d ago

spin offs are most uf the time utter crap and in this special case there could not be a more uninteresting premise. this will be canceld in or right after season 1.

DaNineTwo361d ago

Well damn, don't even give it a shot

OmnislashVer36361d ago

Original series was cancer, this will be worst.