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WWE Should Be Ashamed Of That Racist Jinder Mahal Smackdown Live Segment

The joke's not funny anymore and WWE fans aren't happy. Find out why Screen Critics Shaun agrees with them.

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roadkillers297d ago

When bad guys are suppose to make everyone happy...

ScreenCritics297d ago

There's generating heel heat then there's launching a racist landslide that had no place making it to television.

Let's not pretend that this was in any way good.

2pacalypsenow297d ago

It makes people hate him, since when do "bad guy" care about peoples feelings?

bigmalky297d ago

If you hide racism in fiction, then no one will know what it is in reality. To be honest, the media is blurring the lines between opinions not met with extreme left and outright racism at the minute. I don't agree with any type of fascism, nor censorship for that matter from any side. Too many extreme views from either side does not make the world a better place, it makes it a controlled one with unhappy people who will fight back.

It's like that Avengers poster being banned, showing Apocalypse choking Mystique... He's bad, he does bad things, otherwise, the Avengers would have no one to fight and we'd be watching Disney fairytale cartoons for eternity. We have to show that bad people do bad things to show the difference between good and evil.

Grow up and learn that fiction is fiction, and some things have to be said to push emotion from the viewer and as a motivation for the good vs bad stories, mostly with good triumphing in the end.

ScreenCritics297d ago

@BigMalky What was the aim of this segment? To put heat on Jinder - except it didn't because the live audience were bored out of their skulls.

There's a live audience to give live feedback, and you're telling me that when they're loudly chanting "This is racist" and "That's too far", someone hasn't gone too far?

Wrestling audiences go with the most racist of stuff - this was too far. It's not about "blurring the lines" - it was an awful segment of television.

bigmalky297d ago

It was okay. Better than most repetitive heel segments. It did it's job and got him heat, boring or not to whomever. If they were bored, they would have kept silent.

Again, it's entertainment, covering casual racism as a scenario. It's not too far if it's fiction. But never mind, you can complain and try and get clicks for being a warrior all you like, it doesn't change the fact that it's a make believe skit, good or not, and that your comment on it being a 'racist landslide' is a bit of an overstatement and again, a cry for attention to your page.

Try going with the story and seeing how it ends. Same with the fans, they're borderline terrible now and ruin everything they can, instead of playing along with the pantomime.

kevnb297d ago

its a god damn tv show

SarcasticDuck297d ago

The only thing unacceptable there is the acting and delivery. WWE should be ashamed that is their World Champion!

That's a f***ing TV show where a f***ing bad guy does f***ing evil things! That wasn't even insulting, that was just ridiculous and i'm ashamed from how weak that stuff was! How is this worst than Negan joking about putting his d*ck inside Carl's eye socket?

link2Dpast297d ago (Edited 297d ago )

Iron sheik was just as "racist" and it built a pretty big fight with the American loving hulk hogan. Racist or not it's all about one color and that's green. I am know way condoning the act of racism but This is why an age like the attitude era won't ever exist, it's entertainment, people f!ck and it's called porn it's entertainment. In the attitude era they took it far and it was by far the best era in wrestling,anything after that is pure trash