Critic's Notebook: 'The Strain' Series Finale Ends With Both a Bang and a Whimper


Here's how a series that began as a Guillermo del Toro-branded presumptive blockbuster slipped away with an undiscussed finale airing opposite the Emmys.

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Aldous_Snow369d ago

It was bloody terrible. Dont even know where to start

First season was great. Then 2 seasons were wasted on the Lumen which led to absolutely nothing. Annoyin little shit zac sets off a nuke but all main characters survived cuz they all squeezed behind a little rock but millions around the country died?? Yeah ok

The first 7 episodes of season 4 were boring as hell. Didnt pick up until the 8th and even then it was trash. Dont know why i stuck with it. Only likable character was the the german guy and he was the asshole lol

The finale was pathetic. All this build up between the master and Quinlan, and the master killed him with ease. Zac sets off the 2nd nuke killing the master then jumps 5 years into the future with a voice over from the annoyin as f*** rat catcher sayin it was all about love.

There was so much more wrong with it, but I'll be here all day