Tomb Raider Gets a Trailer Teaser and Poster


Warner Bros. Pictures has released the Tomb Raider trailer teaser featuring your first look at footage from the upcoming reboot.

Check it out in the player below and tune in tomorrow for the full trailer!

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-Foxtrot303d ago

Looks like a cheap SyFy film

If Assassins Creed didn't get it right with a good director and a fantastic actor like Fassbender behind it along with Ubisofts support which apparently meant more creative freedom then I don't think this will manage.

dauntingpixel303d ago

i think she looks great. gotta wait for the full trailer tomorrow dude.

-Foxtrot303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

She? We're talking about the full thing can see quite clear it looks low budget

Even the poster looks awfully photoshopped

dauntingpixel303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

awww yes. i forgot. you're the guy who always dumps on everything. it's your schtick. my bad for engaging you in a conversation.

-Foxtrot303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

Oh you mean like when I was honest about the Hitman movie and I ended up being right

OH don't let me forget the Assassins Creed film where I'm pretty much people like yourself said exactly the same thing to me, calling me out because I was criticizing it yet what happened? That's right it EVER OTHER VIDEO GAME ADAPTATION

How are some people not getting this.

"my bad for engaging you in a conversation"

Sorry I forgot you don't like anyone disagreeing with you, my bad

302d ago
dauntingpixel303d ago

naw - i can take differing opinions. i just don't take yours seriously because all you do is crap on everything. Cheerio have a good day

SarcasticDuck302d ago

yeah, it kinda reminds me of the old Mummy movies (in today's standarts) which is not a good thing. Also, I'm tired of saying this but it doesn't help for me that Lara on the new games looks way prettier than this actress. They would have better chances with Tom Cruise playing Nathan on an Uncharted movie instead!

-Foxtrot302d ago

Yeah that's not a good sign either. Have you noticed even in the small teaser she comes off like a's supposed to be the new origin yet she already seems like she knows what she's doing. I would have preferred the original Lara Crofts origin story, that cuts way deeper on a personal level.

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-Gespenst-302d ago

Films like this are just destined for failure, but having said that, they definitely should have cast Perdita Weeks as Lara Croft. Anyone seen that film As Above, So Below?

dauntingpixel302d ago

SHould be noted that the official trailer has hit and can be found at: and

Ninte302d ago

How many times we need to see the back of the person looking over their shoulder? For the teaser, meh. Let's hope the full trailer is better.

StarWarsFan302d ago

Still not loving her as Lara Croft.

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