WWE Derail Perfectly Good Segment with Dolph Ziggler

Carl Williams writes, "Even if you are not a fan of wrestling you still probably know that the performers come out to larger than life entrances. These are designed to get the crowd riled up either for good or worse at the entry of the wrestler. Think of the entrances as a calling card of sorts. These are often sacred to each performer – never to be made fun of or attacked, except if done with intent to setup a feud or further such storylines. Recently Dolph Ziggler, one of the more interesting “mid-card” performers on the WWE roster has taken on a “heel” role (bad guy) and started acting out over his place in the company. His chosen method of bringing attention to his plight? The entrances of other WWE superstars."

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SarcasticDuck368d ago

what a f*cking idiot! This is just a pointless act and another chance for Dolph to get himself over (and he's not taking it). It doesn't damage legacies nor Naomi's act because nobody's taking this sh*t serious! Why? Because Ziggler comes out and says nobody likes him because he doesn't have a shiny gimmick like those guys but deep down, we all want Dolphin to get the oportunities to succeed!

Now, on to the direction this is leading and possible spoilers here, he will eventually mock Bobby Roode and set up the Glorious one's first feud on the main roster!

triverse368d ago

That is what I was trying to get across in the article, this should have been setting up feuds for Ziggler, instead it is just a mockery.

Tonykid368d ago

You just got worked into a shoot

triverse368d ago

Well, I am a fan of the product.

BLAKHOODe368d ago

If Dolph mocking entrances is the setup for a rumored feud with a new guy with a "glorious" entrance, I think the pay off could be pretty good. People/fans seem to forget that these segments are meant to lead somewhere and that somewhere may not be that obvious at first. Let things develop. That said, I'd mark if Dolph mocks CM Punk's entrance. Imagine the crowd reaction? Especially if in Chicago.

triverse368d ago

That is how you set someone like Dolph up to become a heel. For sure.