Lion King Reportedly Casts Wolverine Legend Hugh Jackman As The Villainous Scar


Just as Disney's live-action films panel gets underway, some major casting news has hit as according to a new report, Hugh Jackman, our recently retired Wolverine, has been cast as Scar in The Lion King.

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ajax17190d ago

Wait, they're making a live action Lion King movie?? I wasn't even aware. I kind of wish they would stop this trend, but part of me really, really wants to see this.

Aldous_Snow190d ago

Should have stuck with Jeremy Irons

KingPin190d ago

milk milk milk...
first jungle book, then beauty and the beast now this....
im sorry but the live action jungle book, while had great visuals, the god i dont ever wanna hear that again.
didnt even bother with beauty and the best.