The Rock Will Do Next 'Fast and the Furious' Movie, Beef with Vin Diesel Squashed


The Rock & Vin Diesel have buried the hatchet and both will star in the next 'Fast and the Furious' franchise.

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freshslicepizza395d ago

money has a way of doing that

Lord_Sloth395d ago

Nah, supposedly it was an on set argument (which happens when you spend so long around the same people no matter what) that was put to rest the same day. Stress happens and people move on.

DillyDilly394d ago

So does his daughter get kidnapped in the next one since Hobbs retired ?

spicelicka394d ago

Who the fuck cares about Fast and the Furious story lol. I couldn't make it past Fast 5.

Soldierone394d ago

It was all publicity to get the movie in the spotlight. Supposedly the two didn't want to do the press tour together, even though both of them were in the same cities at the same time and were seen hanging out multiple times. Then the movie releases and suddenly "everything is good!"