Avengers 3 Infinity War Cast Ready to Quit! Chris Hemsworth Thought He was Fired

During a recent magazine’s cover story, it was revealed that Chris Evans might be ready to quit as Captain America after Avengers 3 Infinity War since his contractual obligation with Marvel Studios is soon to end. Meanwhile, Chris Hemsworth thought he was fired by the franchise because his character Thor was not included in the Civil War.

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acemonkey513d ago

No need to read just a misunderstanding from Chris Hemsworth

Aldous_Snow513d ago (Edited 513d ago )

Nonsense article.

Name of the author and website the same. Clear made up over exaggerated rubbish for clicks

513d ago
SarcasticDuck513d ago

Chris Evans recent comments + Thor's mistake a year ago = clickbait article

Agent_00_Revan513d ago

We've known for a while now that Evans wasn't resigning after his contract ends. Most will be done after Infinity Wars.

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