Why The Matrix Doesn't Need A Reboot

I think if you were to ask any fan of The Matrix, they would argue that this movie is a classic. So let's discuss why it does not need a reboot.

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DillyDilly370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

I would not mind in continuity prequels maybe maybe

blackblades370d ago

Not everything needs a reboot. Bad movies yes they deserve a remake.

ChrisW370d ago

Other online news sites have stated that Keanu Reeves would be interested in a reboot only if the Wachowski sisters (both are now TGs) are involved. Damn, what a conundrum! I really like Keanu's action movies, but I'll not be expecting much if the Wachowskis have a part in the reboot. The 3rd Matrix is proof that they've completely lost touch with story writing.

annoyedgamer369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

Those two don't have much talent left these days and Hollywood is not interested in making good films anymore. Keanu would have better luck in China and their production companies.

dota2champion370d ago

No need for a reboot! Just do a spinoff within the same universe.