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The sorcerer supreme is hitting blu-ray this week, bringing Marvel’s latest hero into your home. Packed with special features, is the Doctor Strange blu-ray worth picking up? Check out our full review and find out for yourself.

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Aldous_Snow452d ago (Edited 452d ago )

It was brilliant and the after credits scene was great. Weren't so keen as to how Dormammu was portrayed though. He kinda didn't look right. Hope they go back to him in the sequel though.

They'll probably do the same with Surtur in Thor Ragnorak. While he's an absolute monster. He'll just be a secondary or background villian we'll hardly see.

NewMonday451d ago

that is how Dormammu was in his first appearances, only thing different is the color

Aldous_Snow451d ago (Edited 451d ago )

Fair enough. I was picturing the firey gassy head with an evil smile lol

Sahil452d ago

This movie was awesome. What other marvel movie do you know where the good guy wins by annoying the crap out of the villain?

MyDietEqualsGames452d ago

He did it so good, though. I loved the whole movie, and enjoyed Mads Mikkelsen's performance. The matter folding was some of the best scenes in the movie and was intelligent.

Retroman451d ago (Edited 451d ago )

Seen this movie twice. once on YouTube second time on 123movies both times was bored watching the actor pretending using magic. if you love colorful eye-catching special effects then this movie for you. for me this movie was corny, boring watching actors standing in front of green screen pretending using magic. the whole movie was a illusion to fool you.
I know people don't like Hard reality on here but it is what it is ......

NewMonday451d ago

the real story here is you watched a "boring" movie twice :p

Nicaragua451d ago

Yeah, they should have definitely got some genuine reality bending sorcerers to play these roles to cater to those who like "hard reality". massive bell-end.

ps360s451d ago

Wow...then your pretty stuck with limited movie selections! actually your better off documenting your own life and watching your own documentary which will be as real as it gets!