Green Lantern Set for Justice League Cameo: Will Ryan Reynolds Return?

GREEN LANTERN is set for a cameo in the upcoming Justice League movie alongside Ben Affleck’s Batman, Henry Cavill’s Superman

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Porcelain_Chicken598d ago (Edited 596d ago )

I really wouldn't mind having Reynolds back. Even though the movie itself wasn't good the casting in it was solid and Reynolds did the best he could. Mark Strong was also cast very well and I would gladly have him back! Nice to hear they've learned from they're mistakes and hopefully they apply what they've learned to these movies. But please!!! Give us Hal Jordan!!

SarcasticDuck597d ago

at the very least, Reynolds made justice to Deadpool after Wolverine origins. I think he wouldn't mind to do the same for Hal Jordan!

badboyz09598d ago

Reynolds is a Terrible Actor and he Destroyed my Favorite Hero(next to Spawn).

Aldous_Snow598d ago

Dont think marvel would allow it anyway

Anzil598d ago

Haha marvel couldn't say shit

acemonkey597d ago

He wouldnt want to do it. And plus Fox/Sony and even the Marvel will be like nope stick to deadpool.

Agent_00_Revan597d ago

Fox* but either way, doubtful.

dota2champion597d ago

since when did Marvel had a say on who can be in a DC film?

acemonkey597d ago

contracts and plus WB/DC would probably be like nope we cant have a Marvel (fox) actor in our movie

Porcelain_Chicken596d ago

@Aldous_Snow and acemonkey

You guys are talking out of your arse. Read the article man!!! Reynolds himself said he'd do it if the right script, director and vision were in place. Why would he say that if he is tied down by contracts?! Easy, because there is no contract forbidding an actor from working. Would be much easier for him to say no than to leave it open like that.

Aldous_Snow596d ago

@everyone above. Stop crying about my comment. Its pathetic. If I'm wrong, then I'm wrong. Who bloody cares

acemonkey595d ago

Anybody would want to be apart of a movie thats big and ties into a Universe. Trust me DC/WB isnt going to have these directors or writer or writers. And if they did they will have something in contract. Plus i dont want to see Hal i rather see Kyle.

Porcelain_Chicken595d ago

Slander is pathetic. He said he would and he could. You and Ace disagreed. You can't expect people not to call out on it! xD

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SouthClaw598d ago

I wouldn't mind him coming back similar to Wolverine Origins it can be forgotten and ignored from cannon. As Porcelain_Chicken said Reynolds & Strong did best they could and I'd happily see them back in a better quality form.

Ninte598d ago

He was never the problem, the script was and I would like to see him in it

Retroman598d ago

Not only the script , special effect on suit look to greeny glowing like a living grass .

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