Should DC Reboot their Cinematic Universe?

DC has spent three year's trying to recreate Marvel's movie success - but have they gone in the wrong direction altogether?

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dota2champion632d ago

No. audience are tired of reboots from Hollywood. Warner brothers just need listen to criticism and improved their future Dc films

-Foxtrot632d ago


The foundation for this is horrible and once that foundation is set in stone that's it, it can't be fixed no matter what work you do to it. The foundation for these films have already put a lot of people off so the best thing they can do is get the films they have in development out, bring in as much money as they can then start a new phase of films like Blue Beatle, Booster Gold, Nightwing, Constantine, Shazam for example then at the end say "Oh yeah by the way these better, more comic book like films were part of a new Universe.

Phase 2 would then start after the first Phase 1 shows us the lesser known heroes and would give a bigger enough gap before doing Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Batman, Aquaman again with Green Lantern and a Cyborg film

Aldous_Snow632d ago

Its been a mess from the start, so yeah

SarcasticDuck632d ago

no. Just get inspiration from DC Rebirth.
-Bring the REAL Superman as a Clark from another Earth.
-Kill Jared Leto and introduce the "3 Jokers mistery". Maybe on a "Under the Red Hood" storyline where Jason Todd gets his revenge on pimp f*cker.
-Plant seeds to connect to the movie "Watchmen" (it's also directed by Awful Snyder, so make use of it)

I know it could be a mess if not done correctly, but it's already a mess at this point