The Walking Dead: Why We Think Sasha Will Die This Season


Since her introduction in season three, Sasha Williams has been a vital character on The Walking Dead. The woman continually shows courage, stepping up when others won't, and she brings in a level of bad-assery that can be lacking at times.

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MrsNesbitt387d ago

Is it bad that I'm not bothered if she does?

-Foxtrot387d ago

I think she might become Maggies right hand woman when she becomes the leader of the Hilltop topic she needs to play Marlene in the Last of Us film

zeal0us387d ago

I can picture her actually playing the role.

gangsta_red386d ago

This show is now becoming which lead character (besides Darryl and Rick) will die next instead of interesting and fun to watch.

-Foxtrot386d ago

Yet the only character people really want to die...cough cough Carl, they won't kill.

Only person in this show to get shot twice and put into some near death traps AND STILL survives.

Aldous_Snow386d ago

Never really liked her anyway. When was tye last time a woman died on this show anyway? My minds hazey

386d ago