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Is Carl Grimes Leaving The Walking Dead for College?


Carl Grimes had some time in the spotlight in the latest season of The Walking Dead but fans hoping that he's going to become one of the show's main characters might want to prepare for disappointment.

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SarcasticDuck599d ago

just get lost, find Clementine, jump to Telltales TWD cast and then comes back married, with 3 children (two of them twins) and a hunting robot hound missing a eye.

dauntingpixel599d ago

i doubt he's leaving. there's so much left in carl's story still.

-Foxtrot598d ago

Honestly the show has changed so much from the comics that it's not really his story. It's more like Judiths as she's the one person of the group who's been born in the new world.

Carl is a terrible character and they've even skipped, changed or replaced his supposed "bad ass" scenes.

The last thing people defended his existence on the show still was his relationship with Negan but Daryl has replaced him somewhat and at this point it seems Negan would kill Carl without hesitation. He was going to make his men cut his eye out and feed it to his father and then get his father to cut his arm off. Then he p***** him off next by pointing a gun at one of his men over the medicine. If he goes into Negans camp and slaughters a dozen of his men like in the comic I would find it really hard to see Negan keep him alive...hell if they did do this and Negan does then it's shit story telling after what we've seen from the TV version of Negan so far.

Judith has been kept around so Carl is not needed for Rick to hold onto his sanity. Actually it would give Rick a kick in the balls to snap out of his "lets give them what they want" mindset and form a big plan to take Negan down. What a cliff hanger that would be.

ShiranaiJittai598d ago

No. Carl is one of the most important characters in the comic. In the TV Show they still want him to be one of the most important ones but they continue to give terrible filler "carl loses his temper and does something stupid" scenes to the actor. It's not his fault they keep giving him the stupidest scenes that the character in the comic's wouldn't do.

They constantly claim you will see the "new carl" soon. The one who is more important and such a badass. Then have him do 10 stupid things over a 2 season stretch when he has only done 2 or 3 stupid things in the entire comic.

Carl will be recast. This makes perfect sense actually but I won't spoil why. I felt like you did with the Negan Daryl switcheroo scene but last weeks episode may be going the more canon route. Daryl is an additional character so there is a loophole there to give him extra things to do or do things other characters are supposed too. But Carl is too important of a character. Most of the things people give Rick credit for he never would have done if Carl hadn't said or done something first.

Here is what people don't get and the comic and show alike try to convey this constantly but everyone has their mind made up about Carl being so whiny all the time (Like when he was a 10 year old kid you mean?)

Carl is a product of the apocalypse. Judith even more so but Carl had no childhood. This is his life. He sees things far more clearly than most of the adults because he didn't know anything else. He can and will very easily cut down and kill people who are a threat to the group and comic Carl would do so without hesitation. Show Carl will whine about it the entire time. I don't think this is the writer's or actors fault. I think this is the network. Does everyone forget the "rule criteria" for when a kid can be a killer? They have to be a villain or deranged or possessed or misunderstood. The child isn't allowed to be a hero in the apocalypse because god forbid people think a fictional child killing people means it's ok for the brain cell less idiots at home to say "If Carl can kill people then I can too!"

We have a very real epidemic of child killings in this country right now. Can people really not understand how much pressure the network ALL OF THEM not just AMC put on writers to "not take kid's killing people" in a specific direction? Show carl agonizes over every death. Comic Carl says it had to be done and moves on.
Convinces people to kill or spare others based on what the situation calls for. AMC won't let the writers put Carl in that position because he's a kid. That's it. It's not Chandler Riggs it's not the writers. It's the unwritten rules of Network television. If kid's kill it's because they are Joffrey. If you aren't evil like Joffrey you have to kill something that is a "monster" These TV rules screw the Carl character over.

-Foxtrot598d ago

"No. Carl is one of the most important characters in the comic"


The show has changed so much it's a totally different thing now. If they were going by the comic since day 1 page by page fair enough but it's not. He is not an important character in the show, he's a douche, an annoyance, a moron and a brat. He basically has all the attitbutes of a character in a show like this which would make you want to see get killed off.

You talk about all these rules and writers being a problem but the problem is Carl is a shit character and the guy playing him is even worse.

dota2champion598d ago

Never like his character one bit. Since his contract is over, let's kill him off and move on

MrsNesbitt598d ago

Kill the kid!

N.B only acceptable time one can exclaim that :P

ShiranaiJittai598d ago

The character won't be killed off. Carl will be recast. This actually makes perfect sense but I won't spoil why.

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