Netflix December List 2016 - Entertainment O´ plenty

I don´t know about you, but I (Kenay Peterson, TGG) don´t think it´s a real Christmas without some good movies and TV-series. So I´m glad to see that Netflix is Christmas ready, because they have just dropped their December list over movies and TV-series that they will air during this Christmas season.

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Littil_Devil670d ago

Well, my Christmas has just been saved xD

TGG_overlord670d ago (Edited 670d ago )

I´m going to watch a lot of the good Ol´ classics ;)

Simon_the_sorcerer670d ago

More Cartoon movies and shows would be nice though.

Simon_the_sorcerer670d ago

Unless your gf is like mine :P (she loves to boss over the TV).

TGG_overlord670d ago

I guess this is why "some" guys listen (or watch) soccer games (or whatever) on their phones :P

Simon_the_sorcerer670d ago

I guess that my gf and me will have to fight over the TV this Christmas :P

TGG_overlord670d ago

I really suffer with those who have to watch TV-shows and movies which they hate in-order to please their gf or bf xD

TGG_overlord670d ago

"More Cartoon movies and shows would be nice though."
This is very old-school, but I love it :3

xtheblackparade670d ago

That's a large list, woohoo but i'm not getting my hopes up yet because the article doesn't mention what region it's for. But I guess every region will get a comparable amount of new stuff right?

Aldous_Snow670d ago (Edited 670d ago )

Suprised at Civil War being on there so soon.. very suprised